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1 obscene terms for female genitals [syn: cunt, pussy, slit, snatch, twat]
2 informal terms referring to a domestic cat [syn: kitty, kitty-cat, pussy, pussycat]

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  1. (informal) A cat
    Our local theatre is showing the pantomime Puss in Boots
  2. The mouth
    She gave him a slap in the puss.

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Cheshire cat, Chinchilla cat, Maltese cat, alley cat, blue cat, bud, calico cat, cat, chick, chickabiddy, child, countenance, dial, face, facies, favor, features, feline, gib, gib-cat, grimalkin, house cat, juvenile, kid, kisser, kit, kitling, kitten, kitty, kitty-cat, lineaments, map, moppet, mouser, mug, mush, muzzle, nipper, pan, phiz, physiognomy, pussy, pussycat, silver cat, tabby, tabby cat, tiger cat, tom, tomcat, tortoise-shell cat, visage, youngster
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